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Welcome to La Voix

Welcome to La Voix


Welcome to La Voix

Welcome to La Voix

Welcome to the home of all things La Voix!


Internationally renowned & critically acclaimed diva and now about to embark on her biggest UK Tour yet!

La Voix is one of the UK's Leading Variety Performers
Performing across the globe dazzling her audiences with stunning live vocals delivering sound alike singing performances of some of the world's biggest Divas such as Cher, Liza Minelli, Shirley Bassey & Judy Garland mixed in with hilarious comedy and finished off with the most magnificent gowns! 

This is one show you don't want to miss!


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La Voix The uk's most dazzling star

La Voix has one mission - To bring back glamour, class and sophistication, not to mention humour, to stage and screen!

Semi-Finalist of Britain’s Got Talent and star of the Ab Fab Movie 

Winning many prestigious awards over the Years, La Voix is the UK's Most Dazzling performer! 

For the past 10 years La Voix has been taking on the big divas and making them her own, on both stage and screen.

Her unique stage show features Amazing Live Singing, Fabulous Musicians, Hilarious Comedy and the most amazing gowns! 

La Voix is a vivacious performer, her many talents add saucy layers to her shows, with live spine tingling vocals that are the finest in the industry. Her uncanny ability to switch between the vocal styles of Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland or Cher with the click of a finger leaves the audience mesmerised.

La Voix has worked closely with many big stars including Mickey Rooney, Cilla Black, Sir Ian McKellen, Pamela Anderson, Brigitte Nielsen and Ruby Wax.

'To describe La Voix purely as a singer would be like calling Picasso a decorator' 

Broadway Baby

Her impressive array of performances include:

  • Britain’s Got Talent

  • Ab Fab The Movie

  • Cafe De Paris London

  • PLASTIC Milan

  • The IVY Club

  • The Palladium

  • David Gest my life! UK Tour

  • Boogie nights, UK Tour

  • Special guest to Spandau Ballet, 02Arena

  • Stephen Gatley Memorial, Palace Theatre



















Contact & Bookings

For all UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE & GLOBAL BOOKINGS please use the form below or contact The La Voix Team directly.

The La Voix Team

Red Hot Live Management
Office: +44 (0) 1442 825 205
Email: info@lavoix.co.uk

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