Over the past few years I have grown to know and love La Voix from the Christmas pantomime at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. She has one of those vibrant personalities that can’t help but make you smile. For those of you who don’t know her from panto, you might remember her from Britain’s Got Talent or the Ab Fab Movie.

I was excited to be able to take my partner along to review the show. It was the day after Valentines, so what better way to celebrate the love, than with a gorgeous over the top drag queen. Although I have seen her show once before, my partner has only ever seen her in panto, so I was eagerly looking forward to his reaction to the show. Just imagine a whole theatre child free, yes child free, free for us to see the other side of La Voix, the side the little darlings can’t.

Immediately I was impressed by her significant stage presence right from the opening number. She very quickly got the audience members completely involved with her chatter, banter and obviously keeping her jokes very close to the line. The one about thinking Ariana Grande was a word font due to her name, did tickle me. There were two lesbians sitting in the front row, so when she said lesbians didn’t like being called lesbians, I was like “oh wow, where is she going with this…?”  Apparently they prefer the term vegans – oh how we all laughed as she went on to ask if any vegans were in the theatre tonight?!

The stage was simple, with a glitzy entrance tunnel and her four-piece band on stage supporting her as she performed a range of numbers. The strength and power in her voice clearly won us all over by the first half.

I loved listening to people’s conversations during the interval, some raving about the show, some almost shocked as they had no idea how good her vocals were. I enjoy watching people watching, listening and absorbing the love for the show, for theatre.

The second half was much more musical and I enjoyed the beautiful version of Cher’s Jessy James. If I had closed my eyes for a moment I could have easily mistaken her for the real thing. I was really impressed how she could sing so many different styles, including Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey and Liza Minelli. She told us how she would take on different artists and explained that to pull off Tina Turner, she would have to pretend to have a coat hanger left in her dress, whilst having a stroke and then walking as if she had a ball between her legs. As we were vividly imagining that, we were then blessed with that very sight, and how we roared with laughter!

The encore was Total Eclipse of the Heart, which got everyone to their feet! As with all great evenings of entertainment, La Voix put on a show where we wanted to carry the party on into the night – in my opinion La Voix needs her own TV show just like Mrs Doubtfire, something we can tune into for our weekly fix!

There definitely needs to be more drag in the world. Thank you La Voix, simply fabulous darling! See you in panto land at the end of the year.

Check out La Voix’s website for further details about her 2019 tour dates.


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